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Welcome to Michael Scott "Uncle Mikey" Shappe's Corner of Madness 

Last updated: 14 January 2003

(This page is no longer quite as ecumenical as once it was. It should work in any browser with a good rendering of tables, and shouldn't be completely hideous otherwise, but at this point I'm assuming most people are running modern browsers. There is, however, no clear Netscape/MSIE bias; either should be fine.)

News and notes from Mikeyland

This is the first time I've updated in close to two years, which is really pretty sad when you come right down to it. A lot has changed, a lot has stayed the same. If you're hoping to keep up with my life, you're probably better off looking at my LiveJournal. Yeah, it's faddish of me, I know, but it's slightly easier than actually maintaining my news page, and a lot of my friends are using it too.

If you're surprised to find a personal site here and are looking for a Bear of Little Brain instead (not that that phrase hasn't occasionally been applied to me :-), you'll find him here

Hi there. I'm Uncle Mikey. I'm your Uncle Mikey. I'm everybody's Uncle Mikey.

I'm just a Nice Jewish Boy who finds himself in the Milds of Minnesota. You can find out more about me on my personal information page (last updated 10 Jun 1998, which makes it almost ancient history, but I haven't gotten around to updating that one, yet), and via my LiveJournal, which much more current, although not always strictly informative.

Below, you will find yourself transported to various pages containing my thoughts on a whole bunch of topics -- most of them geeky -- accompanied by relevant links where you can find out more about the sorts of things your Uncle Mikey really thinks you ought to know about. Actually, it's been so long since I've done a thorough update that many of them may not even work, to be truthful, but I'm trying to fix that.

Please feel free to tell me your secrets, send me your comments, and generally add to the vast flood of mail I receive daily. You can reach me at <Mikey@Hundred-Acre-Wood.com>.

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The Fight for Electronic Freedom Continues

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Things Mikey Likes

Computers and Information Technology
I'm a propeller head. I've never made any bones about my being a propeller head. I'm proud of being a propeller head. So here's a page of some of the propeller-headed things I'm particularly interested in these days.
I love people. Some of them even love me back! Here are a few people I know with webs, and a few people I don't know whose webs I nevertheless find interesting, important, or just plain surreal.
I've also used this page to tell you about a few sites out there dedicated to helping you find people.
Science Fiction and Fantasy
You didn't really think, with all this other geekiness going on, that I would turn out to like romance novels or something, did you? No, my friends, being a true and certain propellerhead, I am a fan of SF and Fantasy. Follow the link to find out what, and why!
I'm a news junkie. Not USENET news -- altho' I used to be one of those, too. No, I mean real news, or what passes for it.
Other Stuff
A few more links that don't really fit into any of the other categories I've got right now, but that I wanted ot share :-)

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